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Sudbury Soils Study
Posted July 21, 2004 9:15:39 AM


SUDBURY – The Sudbury Soils Study Technical Committee released the 2001 Sudbury Soils Data Report today containing data from soil sampling conducted throughout the Greater Sudbury area in 2001. The Technical Committee released the report as part of its continuing commitment to ensure that the Sudbury community is well informed about the ongoing Sudbury Soil Study as it progresses.

The 2001 Sudbury Soils Data Report compiles over 2,000 pages of technical data on metal levels found in over 9,000 soil samples taken from schoolyards, parks, playgrounds, residential properties and rural areas. These data, along with additional studies to be completed this summer, will be used to complete the human health and ecological risk assessments before the end of 2005.

“These data are the foundation on which the human health and ecological risk assessments will be carried out,” said Chris Wren, Director of the SARA Group, the consultants conducting the Sudbury Soils Study.

The data confirm that although there are areas in Sudbury with elevated metal levels in soil, no areas of immediate concern were identified and as a result, no restrictions are being placed on the use of schoolyards, parks, playgrounds or residential properties.

“Based on the information we have today, and based on similar studies done in other mining communities, I am reassured that there are no expected immediate health concerns related to the levels of metals found in Sudbury soils,” said Sudbury & District Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Penny Sutcliffe. “We will have a much better understanding of what these data mean when the human health risk assessment is completed next year.”

Data from the 2001 soil sampling program are consistent with those reported historically and most of the information in the report has already been made available to the community at Sudbury Soils Study open houses and other public meetings.

The complete 2001 Sudbury Soils Data report includes an executive summary, Volume I: MOE urban soil data, Volume II: Laurentian University regional soil data, and Volume III: Golder Associates Inc. Town of Falconbridge data, and can be viewed on the Sudbury Soils Study website ( Paper copies of the executive summary with Volumes I, II and III on CD-ROM are available at local libraries and at the MOE Sudbury District office. Full paper copies of the executive summary and Volumes I, II and III are available at the Main Branch Library on Mackenzie Street and at the MOE Sudbury District office.

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For more information, contact:

For more information please contact
SARA Group director, Chris Wren at
1-519-766-1039 or 1-866-315-0228.

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